I'm kind of a photogrageek.

I’m a bit apprehensive…

… about photographing strangers in the street.  Tips, anyone?

  1. hawkeye39 answered: A few beers beforehand always helps me….
  2. mono-chromatic-dreams answered: Don’t try to be sneaky, but don’t be in their face. Just take your frame and keep moving. You might get the odd bad one, but generally its ok
  3. billacidear answered: fear, just do it and face the consequences good luck.
  4. exr32 answered: pretend you’re taking photos of something else. don’t make eye contract - look past them. and best of all, act like you dont know your camera
  5. streetsphotographer answered: find a Shutter Release Cable put your camera hanging your neck and shoot with manual focus and a nice f stop , 35 0r 28 lenses recomended ,
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